Course Outline with Topic & Objectives

19th Annual Wichita Sports Medicine Symposium


Course Outline – Topic & Objectives

Friday June 3rd   

1230-1300 – Registration for Live Event & Get Ready For A Fun Meeting   😊     

1300-1400 –   Erin Carpenter & Aspen Balthazor – Rock Steady Boxing

    Topic:   Rock Steady Boxing – Treating Parkinson’s with Boxing Exercises

  1.  Be able to identify both motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
  2.  Be able to identify 4 types of exercises that can improve motor and non-motor Parkinson’s symptoms

1400 – 1500 –   Rob Manske, DPT

     Topic:   Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

  1.  Understand the different forms of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  2.  Describe a treatment approach for those with upper extremity vascular injuries

1500-1510 – Break

1510 – 1610 –    Rob Manske, DPT

     Topic:   Differential Diagnosis for the Overhead Athlete

  1.  Determine the variances of upper extremity pathology in the overhead athlete
  2.  Recite signs and symptoms from a variety of upper extremity pathologies in overhead athletes

1610 – 1710 –    Dr. Phillip Hagan M.D.

     Topic:   From the “Tip to the Sternum” shoulder overview and interventions

  1.  Participants will be able to describe updated shoulder interventions for differential diagnosis
  2.  Participants will be able to describe updated rehabilitation strategies for differential diagnosis

1710 – 1720 –  Break

1720-1820 –   Dr. Daniel Prohaska

     Topic:   Adhesive Capsulitis

  1.  Participants will be able to describe the different characteristics of adhesive capsulitis
  2.  Participants will be able to demonstrate treatment strategies for adhesive capsulitis

1830 – 2000: BBQ Dinner and beverages catered by When Pigs Fly BBQ

2000 – 2230: Please Join Us For A Great Social: At the Wichita Marriott Hotel.  Adult Beverages, Snacks and a Good Time.  Room TBA


Saturday June 4th 

0730-0800 – Registration

0800-0900 –  Bradley Bruner M.D.

  Topic:    ACL Revision

  1.  Participants will be able to discuss the reasons for an ACL Revision
  2.  Describe the risks and complications associated with an ACL Revision

 0900 – 0910  – Break

0910 – 1010 –   Diane Greenleaf-Kiser

  Topic:     The Facts and the Myths with Different Diets

  1. Participants will be able to recite the facts that are surrounding current diets
  2. Participants will be able to distinguish the facts and describe the myths of these diets when working with their patients

1010 – 1110 –   Patrick Moodie

     Topic:   The overpowered athlete; biomechanical profiles and how to action them to avoid Musculoskeletal Injuries  

  1. Participants will be able to summarize how to test and document the biomechanical profile for their patients
  2. Participants will be able to describe interventions for the deficits found in the biomechanical profiles

 1110-1120 – Break

1120 – 1220 –   Mary Boyce, M.D. & Julie Gawith, DPT

     Topic:   Running Injuries and Return to Play

  1. Participants be able to describe the most common lower extremity running injuries
  2. Describe treatment strategies and return to activity progression  for specific injuries

1220 – 1250 – Lunch Break  —  a boxed lunch available if selected

1250 – 1350 –   Phil Vardiman, PhD LAT ATC

     Topic:    Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

  1.  Describe the physiological effects of Blood Flow Restriction Therapy and the clinical indications for its use
  2. Understand how to implement Blood Flow Restriction Therapy into a plan of care

1350-1400 – Wrap Up

Total Hours: 10